Two revolutionary Canon Océ VarioPrint 6320 duplex digital printers form the centerpiece of our digital print capabilities. The core low-heat, self-cleaning Océ imaging technology enables direct toner transfer using a single electrical charge and pressure to push toner into the fibers of the substrate. The result is crisp, high-quality print that will meet the most stringent standards.

Combined output of both printers is 19,200 images per hour, and one-pass duplex imaging capability doubles output to 38,400 total pages per hour. This yields nearly one million duplex images per day. Rounding out Bacompt’s variable-data printing capabilities are four Xerox iGen3™ color digital systems, as well as three high-speed Xerox monochrome laser printers.

Our 10 intelligent inserters can individually auto-insert up to 16,000 mailers an hour and up to 40 pages into various envelope sizes, ranging from #10 to 9.5” X 12.5” flat envelopes. We also provide high-speed metering and automated tab, fold, and ink-jet services.

Whatever your variable-data, digital printing requirements, Bacompt has the solution.