Dwayne Hurt - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Dwayne is an industry leading printing and data solutions veteran with more than 30 years of Bacompt experience. He is responsible for Bacompt’s technology, operations, and logistics.

“I promise that we will do whatever it takes to adapt to our clients’ ever-changing challenges, ensuring the maximum value for both our clients and their customers.”


Lisa Thomas - Marketing Director
Lisa has more than 30 years experience in creating marketing communications for companies as diverse as biotechnology, architecture, banking, healthcare, and faith-based ministries. Her relationship with Bacompt spans two decades.

"I promise that I will create marketing communications that inform, entertain, engage, and – above all – respect my client's audience."

Darlene Smith - Project Manager
With close to 30 years experience in customer service, planning, and production management for the printing and publishing industry, Darlene brings both talent and enthusiasm to her role at Bacompt. She’s a team player with a servant leadership approach.

"I promise to relentlessly demonstrate a customer-focused attitude that will see your projects through, from inception to delivery."


Robert Miles - Information Security Manager
With 20-plus years in web development, data analytics, and HIPAA and finance related compliance, Robert brings extensive knowledge and experience to our core promise of document integrity. His immersion in the area of relational database design and performance rounds out Bacompt’s already robust portfolio of services.

"I promise to help fulfill the emmense responsibility Bacompt has in handling your customers’ personally identifiable information."


Andrew Coppess - Design Coordinator
Andrew is responsible for managing our clients' design from concept through production. Whether starting with an existing brand or virtually none, he focuses his expertise on pulling together a cohesive program for every client.

"By bringing best design practices to the table, I promise to capitalize on your company's brand and mission by giving your customer an effective, yet user-friendly, experience."