Bacompt features advanced IT capabilities that drive our variable-data products. Our team of skilled business analysts has produced more than 200,000 lines of active, custom code for state and federal government entities, major healthcare provider organizations, collection agencies, insurance companies, and many other users of high-security documents.

While that may sound dry, it’s indicative of the fact that we strive to find the best solution for your specific set of parameters, no matter your industry. Our relationships with our clients are collaborative. We don’t rely on cookie-cutter formulas; we seek out the best answer for a truly custom fit.

Proprietary custom programs developed in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2010 support a wide range of customer needs. They encompass data manipulation, sorting, merging, filtering, printing, reporting, and billing. We have worked comfortably with a variety of customer data files, including ASCII, EBCDIC, flat data files, fielded, delimited, and print image of various kinds. In short, our team takes pride in its ability to accept any data type a customer chooses to provide. All systems are continuously maintained with the latest updates and patches to ensure reliability and security.