There is no doubt that today's marketplace is more competitive than ever, and that timeliness is crucial in getting accurate pricing and product information on the shelves. In today's economy, retailers need to exploit every available efficiency.

That's why Bacompt has leveraged the three technologies of cloud-based publishing, centralized processing, and logistics to create a paradigm shift in the current retail tag-to-shelf model. Now retail chains can receive premium quality tags and signs, direct-to-store, at an affordable cost.

Our model leverages three technologies:

Cloud-based publishing
• Freedom to print at a central print provider or in store, whenever you choose
• You can retain ownership of data and design
• Execution-optimized production results in labor savings and waste reduction

Centralized processing
• Minimizes error
• Minimizes process time
• Ability to generate output virtually automatically
• Allows immediate changes and revisions

To centralized warehouse
• Company-owned fleet offers quicker response and reduces delivery errors
• FedEx provides a nation-wide and trusted alternative
Direct to store
• Backed by the reputation and power of FedEx