Large Format
Large format sheet size accommodates more tags and signs per sheet, increasing yield per sheet and lowering cost.

Lift Edge
This is a uniquely designed adhesive strip that allows the finger to slip between the backer and tag for easy removal.

Horseshoe Cut (Thumbnail)
Perfect size to punch with the thumb and allows the integrity of the bib tag to remain supported on either side.

Three Clean Edges
Allows for immediate access to the tags, leaving the top edge for necessary file and store information.

Freezer Tag Options
Dual Use Tag: Eliminates the need for plastic chips allowing the tag to adhere to itself for added support.
Side By Side: Provides information to be placed to the side of the pricing information, allowing the message to still be present and preventing the items below from damaging/removing the above tag.
Low Temp Adhesive: Designed for subzero temperatures, this is the most aggressive adhesive on the market.

Adjusted Label/Font Sizes
In areas where products are tight or tags are hard to see (bottom shelf), we will adjust the sizes to accommodate.

Store Specific Counts
Surveys have been developed to account for check lanes, items per store, etc. to cut wasted tags and signs.

Digital Printing
Combining, sorting, and updating images are just a few benefits that can be utilized with full color.

Stress Perforations
Breaks the memory of the paper to allow the tag to adapt to the contour of the shelf channel with ease.

Embracing Social Media
Utilizing QR codes and Microsoft & Snap Tags allow for sharing information, building communities, and calls to action — just a few suggestions to keep your guests informed with customer-specific data mining benefits.