Four-point Quality Assurance Program:

• File receipt/processed verification and notification
• Duplicate tag verification and notification
• Data quantitative/comparative reporting

• Tear pages built into the jobs to ensure dies are cutting properly
• Store numbers on top and bottom of cover sheets for quick/easy reference
• Transparent bags to assist with bulk orders
• Bold lines that run off the stores at store breaks for quick reference
• Each sign file is offset by store number for fast kit combination
• Each page provides specific file code, store number, file page number and file
   type for specific reruns
• Die-cutting operators manually review every page that comes off our press

• Tracking numbers for all FedEx shipments
• Dedicated secure Bacompt fleet of trucks
• Salaried drivers with minimum 8 years of service
• Everything is packaged securely and labeled
• Multiple files within a single shipment are shrink wrapped separately
   and packaged together

Customer Care
• Each customer has a specific contact person for immediate response
• 24-hour per day contact access
• Less than 24-hour turnaround goal for all issues