From trade-supported marketing to custom die-cuts to enhanced product information, Bacompt shelf tags do more than just hang there – they give your customer more information in order to make a more informed purchase. Any other shelf tag is just plain bland.

Trade-supported marketing
Nutritional Programs
Sustainability Marketing
Wine Marketing

Trade-supported marketing
Through our various marketing partners, such as Insignia, Bacompt can provide programs that bring trade dollars to the shelf edge, reducing costs and potentially providing additional income.

Specific retailer benefits:
• Revenue sharing program – get paid to display signs
• Average sales lift of 30.9 percent
• Receive 4 to 12 new signs every other week
• Images, logos, and store-specific prices included
• Private label signs included

Fact: 76 percent of buying decisions are made in store. Custom die-cut aisle signage can transform the appearance of your stores so you can increase sales. Through our partnership with Insignia Systems, we can turn shoppers into customers and provide an industry-best average sales increase of over 30 percent.

Insignia POPS custom die-cut aisle signage:
• Creates cohesive and compelling retailer-specific branding solutions
• Transforms aisles so that they're easier for shoppers to navigate
• Increases visibility and awareness with attention-getting, custom, laser die-cut shapes

Nutritional Programs
There's no question many shoppers are increasingly interested in knowing what they're really putting into their grocery cart. They want to reduce the fat, calorie, or carb load while getting the skinny on how smart their food choices actually are. For all the technology strides grocery stores have achieved in many areas, the nutritional aspect of shopping still poses some challenges for shoppers.

To help you clarify wise nutritional choices for your customers, Bacompt combines our shelf-edge expertise with affiliates that bring best-in-class nutritional enhancements to the shopping experience. Here are two excellent affiliate programs you can take advantage of while also getting Bacompt's superior shelf-edge program expertise:

The NuVal® Nutritional Scoring System helps shoppers see - at a glance - the nutritional value of the food they buy. The NuVal System scores food on a scale of 1-100. The higher the NuVal Score, the better the nutrition. Now featured in more than 1,600 supermarkets across the U.S., NuVal Scores are printed right onto the supermarket shelf tag, next to the price. The system was created by an independent panel of nutrition and medical experts, meaning customers using the NuVal System can select products like an expert.

Gladson maintains the largest and most current database of consumer packaged goods product information in the U.S. Their highly efficient process for capturing content supports shelf space planning, category management, and nutrition programs. Many leading retailers and wholesalers trust Gladson for the most complete and accurate product information and images. More specifically for nutrition-oriented merchandising, the Gladson Nutrition Database helps you add value to the shopping experience by providing nutrition and ingredient information - along with images – for both in-store and online applications.

Sustainability Marketing
Sustainable sourcing initiates are moving rapidly up the priority list for manufacturers and retailers alike. Within the grocery industry, sustainable sourcing helps ensure that products being offered have zero or limited negative impact on the communities and ecosystems from which they are sourced. This practice makes it possible for shoppers to make purchasing decisions that support localization and a low-carbon economy.

HowGood offers a unique rating system for sustainable products that allows shoppers to make informed decisions at the shelf edge. The system includes ratings of "None, Good, Very Good, and Great" for 104,672 products and counting.

While the system is quick and easy for your customers, HowGood actually uses more than 60 indicators that cover a company's behavior over time and the provenance of ingredients and the manufacturing process. Specifically, HowGood:
• Establishes benchmarks for every common ingredient and product manufacturing process. They examine best and worst practices and the quality of ingredients, working out the product-specific impact of different ingredients and the way they're processed.
• Accesses and evaluates corporate sustainability practices and performance.
• Goes in deep to investigate the products' ingredients as well as the company's procurement and processing methods.

The result is a detailed, accurate picture of every product rated. Your customers get the assurance that you've gone the extra distance to provide a rating system where every bit of sustainability-related information has been tested and analyzed to make sure it's both accurate and relevant.

Wine Marketing
Wine isn't just for connoisseurs and special occasions anymore. Increasingly, your average customer is enjoying a glass or two with everyday dinners, and more and more brands and varietals are filling grocers' shelves. How can you close the gap between wine characteristics and customer knowledge, and thereby close the sale?

Bacompt can help you deliver the information your customer is looking for. Whether it's a Wine Enthusiast rating, growing region, tasting notes, or food pairing suggestions, we can deliver up to 13 points of data to empower your customer with the right information to make a confident purchase.

These data points can either be incorporated into your shelf tags, or power a smart phone application that can actually drive customers looking for a specific wine to your store. Add to that some directional and promotional aisle signage, and you've got wine marketing that's worthy of a toast. Salut!